Magic Castle

Private Nightclub, Hollywood

The Magic Castle, located in the Hollywood district of Los AngelesCalifornia, is a nightclub for magicians and magic enthusiasts, as well as the clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts. It is considered one of the most unusual private clubs in the world.

The Magic Castle is a performance venue, restaurant and private club. A typical evening features several magic and sometimes variety arts performances, as well as a full service dining room and several bars in a country club atmosphere. A dress code of formal party attire is strictly enforced. Entry is only allowed to members and their guests.

The lobby of the Castle has no visible doors to the interior, and visitors must say a secret phrase to a sculpture of an owl to gain access, exposing the entrance to the club. Nightly, five different magic performances are showcased in three different theaters, with additional performances added in the Peller as well as Hat and Hare Pub and W.C. Fields Bar on weekends. Magicians perform in several different theaters, including the intimate Close-Up Gallery, a larger Parlour of Prestidigitation, and stage illusions in the Palace of Mystery. Informal performance areas near the five bars give magician members the space for impromptu magic for guests and other patrons. In the music room, a piano is played by invisible "Irma," the Castle's "resident ghost," who takes musical requests.